FFBC offers a full Adult Bible Fellowship (ABF) and Sunday School program for believers of all ages.  Our classes provide much needed bible study, fellowship and encouragement, and also help our congregation to be accountable to their peers. The FFBC Adult Bible Fellowship and Sunday School program is overseen by Mr. Ernie Morelos Sr., Mr. Frank Rios, and Mr. Jose Rivas, Co-Directors of Christian Education.

NOTE: Single digit and "lettered" classrooms are located in or near courtyard area.  All other classrooms are located in main church building.

Sundays 9:00 AM

The Bereans

Single adults over 35 - Teacher Joey Lopez (Fireside Room)

Young Christian Families (YCF)

Married parents of school-aged children and teens - Teacher Arturo Salazar (Room I - Courtyard)

Membership Class

For those becoming FFBC members - Teachers Ed Padilla/Jose Rivas (Room 204)


Sundays 10:30 AM

Young Single Adults (YSA)

For single adults from ages 18 to 24 - Teacher Frank Rios (Fireside Room)

Young Christian Couples (YCC)

Newlyweds and young families - Teacher Rick Fischer (Room K - Courtyard)

The Koinonia

Adult bible class - Teacher Nelson Gonzalez (Room I - Courtyard)

Women of Grace

A "Ladies only" class - Teacher Rita Galvan (Room B).

Agape Singles Fellowship

Single adults (mid-20s to mid-30s) - Teacher Tobie Mendibles (Room 3).

The Pathfinders

Families with grown children and grandchildren - Teacher Pastor Simon Garcia (Room 213)


Domingo 9:00 AM

Estudio Biblico de Matrimonios

Clase de adultos en Español (Room K - Courtyard)

Domingo 10:30 AM

Escuela Dominical

Clase de adultos en Español con Frank Vasquez (Room 207)