Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation.
— Mark 16:15


How the Roma Are Becoming Europe’s New Moral Army

If you have time consider reading this article from Newsweek. 


0.40% Evangelical (1/250 people)

Roman Catholicism is by far the largest denomination present in Spain. According to a study by the Spanish Centre for Sociological Research in 2014 about 69% of Spaniards self-identify as Catholics, 2% other faith, and about 26% identify as atheists or declare they have no no religion.[1] Most Spaniards do not participate regularly in religious worship. -Religion in Spain, wikipedia


The Tabiendo Family

Serving through ReachGlobal (EFCA) in Madrid, Spain 

Please keep praying for:  
* Our children to continue to grow stronger in the grace & knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ as they transition to life in the USA
* The Spirit's power to minister effectively to family, friends & churches and in making new friends
* Workers to join our Madrid City Team. [Let us know of an potential missionaries](mailto:sam.tabiendo@efca.org). (Maybe You?)
* Yahweh Jireh's providence in meeting our support, lacking, $810 more/month

We cannot express enough gratitude for you & your prayers. Spain is still deeply rooted in our hearts & minds. We are thankful for all the Lord's done already