Tuesdays 6:45 PM

School of Evangelism Classes
at 6:45 PM in Fireside Room

Witnessing in the Neighborhood (W.I.N.)
The W.I.N. Program trains believers to effectively share the Gospel through classroom instruction and personal visitation. 

Beginning W.I.N. Class
This course provides students with the basic tools for effective evangelism.

Advance Class
Training students how to effectively defend the faith and share the Gospel; selected topics.

For more information please contact,
Pastor Simon Garcia Jr. (562) 695-3322 ext. 221, or e-mail

For notes of past apologetics classes and other outreach resources, click here.

Child care provided for children between the ages of 4 and 9 years old.


Wednesdays 7 PM

Lion Tamers

Are you struggling with drugs or alcohol? Do you know someone that does? We meet in Room 213, for more information, please call Danny Parker (951) 532-3145 or Ernie Weil (562) 777-5403.

Eddie Torres Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Torres Fund was established in 1986 after Eddie, the son of Bob & Angie Pedraza, was killed on January 24, 1986. Eddie and his wife Gabby (who was pregnant with their first child) were returning home from seminary studies in Chicago when suddenly and tragically a multi-car accident on the highway ended their dream of pastoring in the church.  Although grief stricken, Eddie's parents used the insurance money from their son's death to begin a scholarship fund for men aspiring to be pastors – today Eddie's dream is being lived out through this scholarship fund.

For almost 30 years the fund has helped numerous men to attend seminary.  Pastor Carey Barnett was the first recipient of a scholarship.  Other men include: Richard Bargas Sr., and Richard Paul Bargas and Pastor Miguel Anaya. Currently Frank Rios is receiving a scholarship.

The fund also subsidizes the Semanario Biblico Fundamental.  Every man who attends Seminario Biblico Fundamental benefits from the Torres Fund.

The Eddie Torres Memorial Banquet is held once a year to raise funds to continue the mission of the scholarship fund.

Convalescent Home Ministry

We visit the elderly & infirm to share the good news.

For more information please contact,
Pastor Simon Garcia Jr. (562) 695-3322 ext. 221,