Sermons 2010

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Title Date Speaker Scripture Service
New Year's Watch Night - Pursue The Prize 12/31/2010 Pastor Alex Montoya Philippians 3:12-14 Special Event
The Quiet Life Is The Fulfilled Life - Part 1 12/26/2010 Pastor Alex Montoya I Thes 4:9-12; I Tim 2:1-2 AM Service
The Event That Changed The World 12/25/2010 Pastor Alex Montoya Luke 2:8-9 Special Event
Useful Or Useless Disciples 12/19/2010 Pastor Alex Montoya Luke 14:25-35 AM Service
Instructions for Worship - Part 2 12/15/2010 Pastor Miguel Anaya Exodus 26:1-6 PM Service
Can One Be Rich and Happy? 12/12/2010 Pastor Alex Montoya Ecclesiastes 5:10-20 PM Service
Calculate The Cost of a True Christian 12/12/2010 Pastor Alex Montoya Luke 14:25-33 AM Service
Instructions For Worship - Part 1 12/08/2010 Pastor Miguel Anaya Exodus 25:1-9 PM Service
The Cost of Following Christ 12/05/2010 Pastor Alex Montoya Luke 14:25-35 AM Service
Committing Ourselves To God 12/01/2010 Pastor Miguel Anaya Exodus 24:1-11 PM Service
Warning Against Foolish Worship - Part 2 11/28/2010 Pastor Alex Montoya Ecclesiastes 5:1-7 PM Service
The True Disciple of Christ 11/28/2010 Pastor Alex Montoya Luke 14:25-35 AM Service
Warning Against Foolish Worship - Part 1 11/21/2010 Pastor Alex Montoya Ecclesiastes 5:1-17 PM Service
The Divine Invitation 11/21/2010 Pastor Alex Montoya Luke 14:15-24 AM Service
The Danger of Misplaced Ambitions 11/14/2010 Pastor Alex Montoya Ecclesiastes 4 PM Service
Self-Esteem or Empty Conceit? - Part 2 11/14/2010 Pastor Alex Montoya Luke 14:7-11 AM Service
New Testament Pictures in Old Testament Law - Part 2 11/10/2010 Pastor Miguel Anaya Exodus 22 PM Service
Self-Esteem or Empty Conceit? - Part 1 11/7/2010 Pastor Alex Montoya Luke 14:7-14 AM Service
New Testament Pictures In The Mosaic Law - Part 1 11/03/2010 Pastor Miguel Anaya Exodus 21 PM Service
The Great Compassion of Christ 10/31/2010 Pastor Alex Montoya Luke 13:31-35 & Various AM Service
A Final Review Of The Ten Commandments 10/27/2010 Pastor Miguel Anaya Deuteronomy 4:10-14 PM Service
The Importance of Church Membership 10/24/2010 Pastor Alex Montoya Hebrews 10:19-25 PM Service
Are Just A Few Being Saved? 10/24/2010 Pastor Alex Montoya Luke 13:18-30 AM Service
Whats Mine is Mine And Whats Yours Is Mine Too 10/20/2010 Pastor Miguel Anaya Exodus 20:17 PM Service
Rejoice in all Your Circumstances 10/17/2010 Pastor Alex Montoya Ecclesiastes 3 PM Service
The Ugly Face of Legalism 10/17/2010 Pastor Alex Montoya Luke 13:10-17 AM Service
The Truth The Whole Truth and Nothing But The Truth 10/13/2010 Pastor Miguel Anaya Exodus 20:16 PM Service
All Things Work For Good 10/10/2010 Pastor Simon Garcia, Jr. Romans 8:28-30 PM Service
When Evil Is Called Good, What Shall We Do? 10/10/2010 Rev Lou Sheldon Isaiah 5:20 Special Event
Why Grand Larceny Isnt So Grand 10/06/2010 Pastor Miguel Anaya Exodus 20:15 PM Service
Five Truths Everyone Needs To Know To Go To Heaven 10/03/2010 Pastor Alex Montoya Titus 3:3-7 PM Service
Protecting Your Marriage - Part 2 09/29/2010 Pastor Miguel Anaya Exodus 20:14 PM Service
The Futiltiy of Materialism 09/26/2010 Pastor Alex Montoya Ecclesiastes 2 PM Service
Fireproofing Your Marriage 09/26/2010 Pastor Alex Montoya Proverbs 5:15-23 AM Service
Protecting Your Marriage - Part 1 09/22/2010 Pastor Miguel Anaya Exodus 20:14 PM Service
The Futility of Work and Wisdom Without God 09/19/2010 Pastor Alex Montoya Ecclesiastes 1 PM Service
Overcoming Sexual Temptation - Part 5 09/19/2010 Pastor Alex Montoya Proverbs 6 - 7 AM Service
Thou Shall Not Murder 09/15/2010 Pastor Miguel Anaya Exodus 20:13 PM Service
The Gift of Being Single 09/12/2010 Pastor Alex Montoya 1 Corinthians 7:1-7 PM Service
The Gift of Marriage 09/12/2010 Pastor Alex Montoya Genesis 2:18-24 AM Service
Do You Honor Your Parents? 09/08/2010 Pastor Miguel Anaya Exodus 20:12 PM Service
Gods Gift of Sexuality 09/05/2010 Pastor Alex Montoya Genesis 1-2 AM Service
Is Sunday The Christian's Sabbath? 09/01/2010 Pastor Miguel Anaya Exodus 20:8 PM Service
The Christians Greatest Treasure 08/29/2010 Pastor Alex Montoya Psalm 19:10-14 PM Service
Sexual Purity Is Gods Will 08/29/2010 Pastor Alex Montoya I Thess. 4:1-8 AM Service
Do Christians Get A Day Off? 08/25/2010 Pastor Miguel Anaya Exodus 20:1-11 PM Service
The Cost of Discipleship 08/22/2010 Mr. Tobie Mendibles Luke 14:25-33 PM Service
What Every Christian Needs to Know 08/22/2010 Dr. Richard Mayhue I Thess. 4:13-18 Special Event
Developing A Healthy Respect For Gods Name 08/18/2010 Pastor Miguel Anaya Exodus 20:2-7 PM Service
Five Views of Suffering - An Overview of the Book of Job 08/15/2010 Mr. Frank Rios Job PM Service
The Greatest Invitation Ever Given, Part II 08/15/2010 Pastor Simon Garcia, Jr. Matthew 11:25-30 AM Service
False Worship 08/11/2010 Pastor Miguel Anaya Exodus 20:4 PM Service
How to Restore One Another When We Sin 08/08/2010 Mr. Richard Hall Galatians 6:1-5 PM Service
"Holiness? But What If I Sin?" 08/08/2010 Pastor Miguel Anaya I Peter 1:13-16 AM Service
Why The First Commandment Matters 08/04/2010 Pastor Miguel Anaya Exodus 20:1-3 PM Service
Todays Youth, A City Without Walls 08/01/2010 Mr. Martin Chavez Proverbs 25:28 PM Service
The Greatest Invitation Ever Given Part I 08/01/2010 Pastor Simon Garcia, Jr. Matthew 11:25-30 AM Service
Why Did God Give Us The Ten Commandments? 07/28/2010 Pastor Miguel Anaya Exodus 20 PM Service
The Precious Practice of Personal Devotions - Part 2 07/25/2010 Pastor Alex Montoya Psalm 19:7-9 PM Service
Gods Work in Repentance 07/25/2010 Pastor Alex Montoya Luke 13:6-9 AM Service
Prepare To Meet God 07/21/2010 Pastor Miguel Anaya Exodus 19:1-6 PM Service
The Precious Practice Of Personal Devotions - Part 1 07/18/2010 Pastor Alex Montoya Psalm 1:1-3 PM Service
Deeds Worthy Of Repentance 07/18/2010 Pastor Alex Montoya Luke 13:1 AM Service
The Fine Art Of Avoiding Burnout 07/14/2010 Pastor Miguel Anaya Exodus 18:1-4 PM Service
50 YEARS 07/11/2010 Pastor Alex Montoya AM Service
Suffering Victorously 07/07/2010 Mr. Toby Mendibles 1 Peter 5:6-11 PM Service
Repent Or Else 07/04/2010 Pastor Alex Montoya Luke 13:1 AM Service
Some Causes And Cures Of Complaining 06/30/2010 Pastor Miguel Anaya Exodus 16:1-7 PM Service
Principles Of A Strong Spiritual Life 06/27/2010 Pastor Simon Garcia Jr, II Timothy 2:1-7 PM Service
Living Well Until Christ Returns 06/27/2010 Pastor Alex Montoya Luke 12:49 AM Service
Turning Our Complaints Into Praise 06/23/2010 Pastor Miguel Anaya Exodus 15:1 PM Service
The Faithful And The Wise Christian 06/20/2010 Pastor Alex Montoya Luke 12:41 AM Service
Faith Lessons From A Disaster 06/16/2010 Pastor Miguel Anaya Exodus 14:1-9 PM Service
The Blessings Of The Watchful Servant 06/13/2010 Pastor Alex Montoya Luke 13:35 AM Service
Making God Honoring Decisions 06/09/2010 Pastor Simon Garcia Jr. Job 28:28 PM Service
A Useful Instrument For God 06/06/2010 Pastor Simon Garcia Jr. II Timothy 2:20 AM Service
You Are Standing On Holy Ground - Part 2 05/30/2010 Pastor Miguel Anaya 1 Peter 1:13-16 AM Service
The Cost Of Our Freedom 05/26/2010 Pastor Miguel Anaya Exodus 12:1-13 PM Service
The Power of Prayer Prevails Over Mans Sinfulness 05/23/2010 Mr. Richard Hall Exodus 32:1-14 PM Service
The Death Of A Nation 05/23/2010 Pastor Simon Garcia Jr. Jeremiah 5:20-23 AM Service
God's Power On Display - Part 2 05/19/2010 Pastor Miguel Anaya Exodus 11:1-10 PM Service
Why Should I Forgive? 05/16/2010 Pastor Simon Garcia Jr. Proverbs 19:11 PM Service
You're Standing On Holy Ground - Part 1 05/16/2010 Pastor Miguel Anaya Isaiah 6:1-7 AM Service
God's Power On Display - Part 1 05/12/2010 Pastor Miguel Anaya Exodus 7:1-25 PM Service
The Power Of A Mother's Faith 05/09/2010 Pastor Alex Montoya II Timothy 1:3-7 AM Service
The Worst Day Of Your Life 05/05/2010 Pastor Miguel Anaya Exodus 5:1 PM Service
Developing And Maintaining Convictions 05/02/2010 Pastor Alex Montoya Genesis 39 PM Service
The Cure For Greed Part II 05/02/2010 Pastor Alex Montoya Luke 12:22-34 AM Service
I Am Not The Man For The Job - Part 2 04/28/2010 Pastor Miguel Anaya Exodus 4:1-17 PM Service
The Value Of Personal Convictions 04/25/2010 Pastor Alex Montoya Daniel 1:1-8 PM Service
The Cure For Greed 04/25/2010 Pastor Alex Montoya Luke 12:22-34 AM Service
I Am Not The Man For The Job - Part I 04/21/2010 Pastor Miguel Anaya Exodus 3:1-9 PM Service
The Marks Of A Growing Church 04/18/2010 Pastor Alex Montoya Acts 2:40-47 PM Service
Beware Of Greed Part II 04/18/2010 Pastor Alex Montoya Luke 12:21 AM Service
Delivering A Deliverer 04/14/2010 Pastor Miguel Anaya Exodus 2:1 PM Service
When Wisdom Is Not Enough-The Fall Of Soloman 04/11/2010 Pastor Alex Montoya 1 Kings 11:1-13 PM Service
The Garb Of Greed 04/11/2010 Pastor Alex Montoya Luke 12:13-21 AM Service
Faith In Times Of Affliction 04/07/2010 Pastor Miguel Anaya Exodus 1:6 PM Service
Be Not Unbelieving But Believing 04/04/2010 Pastor Alex Montoya John 20:24-31 AM Service
Exhorting One Another 03/31/2010 Pastor Miguel Anaya Romans 15:14 PM Service
Our Most Powerful Evangelistic Tool 03/28/2010 Mr. Josiah Grauman 1 Peter 2:11 & 3:7 Special Event
The Proper Mindset Of A Mission 03/28/2010 Mr. Vince Greene 1 Peter 5:5-11 Special Event
The Demonstration Of Soloman's Wisdom: Why God Gives Wisdom 03/21/2010 Pastor Alex Montoya 1 Kings 3:16-28 PM Service
04 Do Not Fear - Our Greatest Comforter 03/21/2010 Pastor Alex Montoya Luke 12:11-12 AM Service
Redemption 03/17/2010 Pastor Miguel Anaya Exodus 1:1 PM Service
02 The Demonstration Of Soloman's Wisdom 03/14/2010 Pastor Alex Montoya 1 Kings 4:29-34 PM Service
03 Do Not Fear - The Joy of God's Approval 03/14/2010 Pastor Alex Montoya Luke 12:8-10 AM Service
The Theology Of Hope Part II 03/10/2010 Pastor Miguel Anaya Genesis 50:1 PM Service
02 Do Not Fear - God Cares For You 03/07/2010 Pastor Alex Montoya Luke 12:4-6 AM Service
A Theology Of Hope 03/03/2010 Pastor Miguel Anaya Genesis 49:16 PM Service
Serve Your Generation Well 02/28/2010 Pastor Alex Montoya I Chronicles 26-29; Acts 13:36 PM Service
01 Do Not Fear 02/28/2010 Pastor Alex Montoya Luke 12:4-5 AM Service
Do Not Waste Your Spiritual Advantage Part I 02/24/2010 Pastor Miguel Anaya Genesis 49:1 PM Service
David and Goliath - Overcoming The Giants In Your Life 02/21/2010 Pastor Alex Montoya I Samuel 17 PM Service
Why People Do Not Fear God 02/21/2010 Pastor Alex Montoya Luke 12:4-5 AM Service
Freedom From The Fear Of Death 02/17/2010 Pastor Miguel Anaya Genesis 48:1-7 PM Service
How To Choose The Right Person 02/14/2010 Pastor Alex Montoya I Samuel 16 PM Service
The Dangers of External Religion 02/14/2010 Pastor Alex Montoya Luke 11:37-54 AM Service
A Christian Guide Book For Living In Egypt 02/10/2010 Pastor Miguel Anaya Genesis 47:1-12 PM Service
Let Christ Permeate Your Life 02/07/2010 Pastor Alex Montoya Luke 11:33-36 AM Service
Why Leaders Fail 01/31/2010 Pastor Alex Montoya 1 Samuel 13-15 PM Service
09 Lord Teach Us To Pray 01/31/2010 Pastor Alex Montoya Luke 11:29-32 AM Service
Living An Uncompromising Life In A Compromising World - Part 1 01/27/2010 Pastor Simon Garcia, Jr. Daniel 1:8-21 PM Service
Call To Faithful Stewardship 01/24/2010 Pastor Alex Montoya 1 Corinthians 4:1-2 PM Service
08 Lord Teach Us To Pray 01/24/2010 Pastor Alex Montoya Luke 11:27-28 AM Service
But GOD . . . ! 01/20/2010 Pastor Miguel Anaya Genesis 44-45:1-5 PM Service
Rejecting God As King 01/17/2010 Pastor Alex Montoya 1 Samuel 7-8 PM Service
07 Lord Teach Us To Pray 01/17/2010 Pastor Alex Montoya Luke 11:14-26 AM Service
How To Live A Uncompromissing Life 01/13/2010 Pastor Simon Garcia Daniel 1:1 PM Service
Hear The Voice Of God 01/10/2010 Pastor Alex Montoya 1 Samuel 3:1-21 PM Service
06 Lord Teach Us To Pray 01/10/2010 Pastor Alex Montoya Luke 11:5-13 AM Service
How To Maintain Victory In 2010 01/06/2010 Pastor Miguel Anaya PM Service
05 Lord, Teach Us To Pray - Pray For Spiritual Guidance 01/03/2010 Pastor Alex Montoya Luke 11:4 AM Service